A mobile covered stage, suitable for audiences of 600, or 60.

Over the years we have offered many styles, sizes and specifications of stage. For 2017 we have aqcuired a classic 1954 Green Goddess Fire Engine, which is steadily being transformed into a spectaular and functional mobile covered stage.

The images shown are as yet just mockups - the real thing is a work in progress. We have bookings for this machine / stage during the summer of 2017 so better images will follow.

The principal is to take a beautiful and purposeful lorry and incorporate it into a medium sized stage. It is a four-wheel drive machine so location is unlikely to be a challenge. There is considerable detailing planned that is not shown on the image. We will use one of our Stretch Tents to create a stylish and weatherproof stage cover (which will also cover around 100 audience). Our lighting truss allows for easy erection and adjustment of a large amount of lighting. PA specification can be varied considerably according to need.

We are able to provide this service for very affordable rates. Please get in touch for further information.